Hi, I’m Benjamin Gordy. An information techonology professional, coach & mentor in Austin, Texas.

My Message

I don’t have all the answers, nor do I write a lot of code, but sometimes, you need just a bit more than a manual, installation guide or user guide provides.

I have been fiddling with computers since youth, and professionally since late 90’s. I didn’t start out as a leader, but over the years, I’ve developed skills to help me succeed and assist in professional development of others as it relates to information technology. Looking back over past 20 years, I’ve been at a several different organizations, and grew. I’ve overcome many challenges. What i’d like to do is to tell you about some of my recent IT adventures. If I share with others then perhaps the nuances of getting something going, will no longer be a challenge in the future. I am passionate about technology and making things better.


IT slave to the grind… helping people understand and transform and alter the course for the better. Better living through documentation and automation.


20 years as an IT professional, Ben has helped develop workshops, programs, and fixed stuff that have transformed the lives of men and women, and altered the course of people’s lives throughout the country and across the world. Mostly by helping them keep their jobs or grow into better jobs. I was once a master engineer, and it was kind of daunting to hear the other engineer say, hold on while I get my master engineer, he knows how to fix this.


As mentor and leader in tech, Ben has helped others develop and grow outside their comfort zone documenting and explaining concepts or issues, followed up by how-to info countless times.


Ben’s story: I’ve been involved in small start-up’s to major enterprises and government projects. It just takes persistence and tenacity. He enjoys teaching the importance of education as a whole.

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