DellEMC: PPDM integration with DDVE

Log into Power Protect Data Manager (PPDM) GUI and from dashboard expand Infrastructure and select Storage. In this setup, I’m connecting to a Data Domain Virtual Edition (DDVE).

Click Add to add the Data Domain.

Select Data Domain System. Give this instance a name and add the IP address or FQDN of your DataDomain. For Host Credentials, select Add Credentials.

Give this set of credentials a name and add the username previously created in the setup procedure of DataDomain. Enter the password of that user and then Save.

Select Verify for certificate.

Review certificate and select Accept.

Select Save to store the information and complete the connection from PPDM to DDVE.

It connection begins.

It’s thinking about it.

After a moment, I clicked on Cloud DR and then selected Protection Storage to freshen the page. We now have the connection from PPDM to DDVE. Uh oh. We have a failure to connect. I forgot to make the ddboost user I created in DDVE deployment an admin user, or limited-admin user. 🙁

It failed. I forgot to make the ddboost user I created in DDVE an admin user, or limited-admin user. 🙁

Login to DataDomain and modify the ddboost user we created, and since it doesn’t appear to want me to make a full on admin, I’m going to try and make it a limited-admin.

To update DataDomain, we will need to create a new user, I’m calling it ppuser and make it the owner of the Storage Unit. under Protocol DDBoost.

Under Administration make a new user, I’m making that ppuser an admin for now.

After creating a temporary user, select Protocols > DD Boost and select Storage Units and click the edit button for this storage unit.

Modify the user to ppuser and call it good, or change to ppuser and adjust the credentials of the ddboost user we previously created.

After changing the user for the storage unit to ppuser, we can then go back to the Administration and Modify the username we created called ddboost to either admin or limited-admin. I am going to select limited-admin.

Once that user right have been corrected, let’s then go back to the Storage Unit section under Protocols > DD Boost > and make the ddboost user owner of that storage unit.

If you want to clean up, we can delete the temporary user we created as a place holder for the Storage Unit owner.

Now, let’s flip back over to PPDM UI and rerun the discovery process.

Select the Manage Storage Units link and verify we can see it.

Here, we can see the previously created Storage Unit within DDVE.

To recap, we’ve deployed DDVE and PPDM. We have added the VxRail vCenter to PPDM. Now we can create Protection Policies for our workload.


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