Create NSX-T Edge cluster using PowerVCF

Here we will install a NSX-T Edge cluster using VMware Cloud Foundation version 4. This can be done on VCF on vSAN ready nodes such as Dell EMC PowerEdge. Here I will create the NSX-T edge cluster using VCF on VxRail.

Download and install PowerVCF using powershell.

> Install-Module -Name PowerVCF

Make a connection to get an authentication token from VCF.

Connect-VCFManager -fqdn a1-vcf01.converged.local -username administrator@vsphere.local -password <yourpassword>

I like to put wrappers around my scripts to make it easier for me to go from one script to the next.

We need to get the cluster id and put the cluster id in our json file. Note, make sure you choose the correct cluster id.

The command Get-PowerVCF will list all cluster id’s.

copy the cluster id from the correct cluster, in my instance I want to create a cluster on my A2, secondary cluster. So, I will copy the value fe81….d6ef into my json file as seen below. Note, the cluster id is listed twice in your json file, so make sure you update both.

Once you have updated your json file, you are ready to begin a validation routine. The command to begin the validation is New-VCFEdgeCluster and make sure you include the ‘-validate’ option. Otherwise, you’ll just end up deploying a edge cluster with no validation.

Once the executionStatus is Completed, check resultStatus and make sure it says SUCCEEDED. If it doesn’t complete or status is not SUCCEEDED, do not proceed until you have addressed your json file.

Once you are satisfied with your validation, then run the same exact command without the “-validation” option, to deploy the NSX-T edge cluster.


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