DellEMC PPDM: Power Protect Data Manager 19.5 OVA

Deploy the Power Protect Data Manager OVA.

Right click you vCenter cluster and select deploy OVF from template and select your OVA from local file.

Give the VM a name and click Next.

Select a compute resource and click Next.

Review details and click Next.

Select datastore and click Next.

Select your data protection network and click Next.

Configure a static IP, netmask, gatetway and set a DNS IP and hostname. Don’t forget to update your DNS server with FQDN.

Review details and click Finish.

Power on the VM.

Once the VM powers on, wait for it to get a DHCP IP and open a browser and go to that IP. Select New Install and click Next.

Input a license if you have it, otherwise continue with a 90 day evaluation license.

Now we will choose a password for Power Protect Data Manager.

Select your timezone and add a NTP server if you have one.

If you have a mail server, put that info into the next screen. Otherwise, toggle the Configure Email and AutoSupport button to disable email setup and click Next.

Review the summary screen and click Done. There should be information on the following screen if you filled it out.

Once setup completes, we can log into it.

Once we log in, we can configure the connection to the Data Domain.


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