Octant install for visibility into kubernetes on VCF VxRail

I will be doing this from the context of a Windows jump VM. It’s running Windows Server 2019.

Open PowerShell and Run as Administrator. Install Chocolately so we can install Octant. Instructions here:


Chocolatey (Choco.exe) command is now installed. Let’s close this windos and open a new instance of PowerShell as Administrator.

New instance of PowerShell shows choco is ready.

Let’s install octant using choco.

Normally I run kubectl commands from a linux sandbox vm, but i’ll need to install kubectl on this Windows system in order for this to work. So, let’s visit the vCenter select Menu > Workload Management to get the IP address of kubernetes,

Follow instructions to download kubectl from that IP. Open a web browser and go to the kubernetes IP address using https, not http. Follow instructions there to install kubectl.

Download the zip file for Windows and put the binary files.

Open PowerShell again.. this time as your regular user account, not administrator. Run the kubectl command to authenticate to kubernetes.

Let’s run octant now.

The octant UI is now available. Let’s open a browser and go there.

Now that we have the UI up, let’s switch context to demo1 by changing namespace at top right of screen. I am changing to demo1 namespace. Here we can see an app running called yelb.

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