Update VMware VCF to 4.0.1 on VxRail.

Log into VCF and put ensure there are valid credentials to download bundles by selecting Repository Settings and verify My VMware Account Authentication.

Select Repository > Bundle Management and download the bundle.

After bundle download completes, navigate to Inventory > Workload Domains and select the workload domain to be updated. Notice far right, there is a Update Available column and it says Ready. We will select the management domain. The management domain must be updated prior to any other workload domain.

Select Updates / Patches to get more details.

From the Updates / Patches menu, we can scross down and view Current Versions. We can also perform a Precheck prior to beginning the update. It’s always a great idea to peform the precheck.

After clicking on Precheck, we can click on View Status to get more information.

While precheck is running we can review details and expand sections of the precheck to get more information about a particular step in the process.

Here I have expanded SDDC Manager > Domain Manager to learn more about this process.

Similarly, we can expand LCM for Life Cycle Managment information.

VCenter check as well. Sometimes, you might see that a password has expired or NTP is not working. If there are any issues during precheck, they must be addressed prior to performing the update. Luckily, the precheck does a great job of letting know about issues prior to preforming the update procedure. Perhaps someone disabled DRS? Did someone create a host affinity rule pinning a guest VM to a host, thus preventing a host to enter maintenance mode? If a host is unable to enter maintenance mode, Precheck will tell you why the operation has failed.

Here we see the Precheck operation was a success. click on exit to exit the precheck screen.

Since the update precheck passed, we can schedule the update for some time in the future or click Update Now. Note, we can run precheck as many times as we like. It doesn’t necessarily mean we will do the update.

If we click Schedule Update will be be shown the following menu about scheduling.

I’m going to cancel out of the Schedule Update menu.

Once we are satisfied click Update Now.

After a moment or two we will see the screen change and begin the update process. “VCF Upgrade will start in less than one minute”

Next a new screen will be presented as it walks down the list of things to update.

Here I am expanding the Domain Manager section to view just a bit more information.

Now would be a great time to read the release notes if you have not already. https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Cloud-Foundation/4.0.1/rn/VMware-Cloud-Foundation-401-Release-Notes.html

If you click on the link to “View Update Activity” you will see more information about the processes.

Update times can vary based on the update and cluster size and other factors, but eventually it will complete. Below, we can see this update took almost 29 minutes. Click Finish.

If you want to view more information about the update, at some point later, we can always go to Workload Domain > select the domain and from there select > Update History to get more information about past updates.

If I select View Update Status, we can see the actions performed and results. Click Exit Status to close the status menu.


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